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Meet Our Providers: Wendy Ramirez, LVN

Wendy Ramirez LVN Meet Our Providers
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Meet Wendy Ramirez – Licensed Vocational Nurse at the Lynwood, California clinic. Wendy started her career as an LVN four years ago at TOI after attending American Career College. In addition to holding her LVN license, Wendy is IV and ACLS certified.

1. Tell us about yourself!
I am from Long Beach, California. I was a CNA right after high school and went to school for LVN while working in home care.

2. What made you go into nursing?
I’ve always wanted to care for those in need. Then focused more on nursing after my father’s passing. Working one on one with patients in homecare also helped my compassion for others grow.

3. What is your patient philosophy?
I always give a helping hand whenever I can.

4. What would you tell someone who has just been diagnosed?
I know it is hard, but have faith that everything will get better. Try not to fall into the negativity that sometimes comes with the diagnosis. You’re here with the will to persevere through it all: the diagnosis, treatment, and the unfortunate side effects of chemo, and that already makes you stronger and better.

5. What are some of the questions you receive most from patients and how would you answer them?
Is the chemo worth it when compared with the side effects that come with it? Yes, because we will be attacking the cancer, the side effects can be controlled with medication prescribed by the doctor and for the most part will go away after completing chemo.

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