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Meet Our Providers: Amber Madrid, MSN, NP-C

Meet our providers Amber Madrid
Nurse Practitioner with Stethoscope smiles at patient while listening to his heartbeat

Meet Amber Madrid, Nurse Practitioner at TOI’s Lakeland clinic in Florida. Amber has been a nurse for almost 11 years and a Nurse Practitioner for four years.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida Southern College and a Master of Science in Nursing certified as an Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner also from Florida Southern College.

1. Tell us about yourself!
I was born and raised in a suburban town in Connecticut. I started working as a unit secretary for a hospital and then became a patient care assistant while going to school for my Associates Degree in Nursing. I moved to Florida with my husband and newborn son October of 2011 right after graduating with my Associates in Nursing degree. I began a career as cardiac nurse at Lakeland Regional Health January of 2012. Throughout the years I transitioned to the mother/baby units and worked as a Neonatal intensive care nurse while continuing my education at Florida Southern College obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then my Master of Science in Nursing. I began my career as a Nurse Practitioner in 2018 working in Interventional Pain Management for a few years before starting work in Cardiology in 2020. After building a solid foundation in my career as a Nurse Practitioner, I was able to transition into a specialty that is very dear to my heart, Hematology/Oncology.

2. What made you become an NP?
I became a Nurse Practitioner because I have a strong desire to always learn and use my learnings to make a difference in other people’s lives. As a Nurse Practitioner, medicine is constantly improving and changing allowing me to continue engaging and benefiting the community. I strive to be a beneficial asset to the community and practice with integrity. I was able to learn valuable insights through my prior experiences working in different roles in the hospital prior to becoming a Nurse Practitioner and realized patient care is truly a passion of mine. I feel most fulfilled when I can empower others, specifically, regarding their healthcare.

3. What is your patient philosophy?
My patient philosophy is to treat all my patients as if they were a member of my own family. I want to provide high-quality and intimate care. I value The Oncology Institute because it allows me to practice closely with my patients in a collaborative community-based setting. I desire getting to know my patients and helping make a difference in several ways involving their healthcare. Communication is very important to me and how I practice. I want to educate my patients by providing as much information about their diagnosis as I can to allow them the opportunity to always make the best-informed decision regarding their plan of care while always respecting their wishes. I pride myself on providing balanced and well-rounded quality care with maximum effort, particularly in guiding patients and their loved ones through their cancer journey. Every patient is unique along with their diagnosis and, therefore, every plan of care must be tailored to that patient and diagnosis.

4. What would you tell someone who has just been diagnosed?
I would tell someone who has just been diagnosed that my goal is to provide them with the best care utilizing several different methods collectively including treatment plans and various other resources. A patient’s cancer journey has several different key components. I am motivated to communicate with my patients’ network of family, friends, and providers to give patients the maximum well-rounded care while maintaining the best quality of life. I want my patients to experience top-quality healthcare while prioritizing their important needs.

6. Anything else that you think patients should know?
I stay grateful for every day of life.

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