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Delivering High-Quality, Value-Based Oncology Care

Keeping your members healthy and happy

The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation is the only national, physician-founded, patient-focused provider delivering on the promise of value-based cancer care. Our proven value-based care model provides patients with high-value oncology care, resulting in improved patient satisfaction, mental health, and total cost of care.

It’s one of the reasons why our quality and satisfaction results place us among the most successful practices in CMS’s Oncology Care Model.

A convenient choice of contracting models

We deliver care under a variety of value-based shared-risk and full-risk models as well as traditional fee-for-service models.

Personalized care precisely delivered

Supporting the principles of precision medicine, our healthcare professionals work closely with patients, their caregivers, and referring physicians to develop and implement the most effective cancer care plans personalized to each patient.

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Evidence-based, integrative-focused care

We bring evidence-based treatment plans and comprehensive, integrated cancer care—from pre-diagnosis to end-of-life care—into the community setting.

We strictly adhere to evidence-based clinical pathways to ensure that our oncologists consistently deliver excellent care in accordance with the latest research and guidelines.

And our integrative care goes beyond oncology to incorporate wellness services, pain management, dietary counseling, and help with hospice care.

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Leadership in cutting-edge clinical trials

We are innovators in the advancement of cancer care. We have one of the largest community-based clinical trial programs in the US. We find that patients really appreciate the chance to participate in clinical trials with cutting-edge oncology treatments not available anywhere else.

Dignity through end-of-life care

We take special care to ensure that a patient’s final days are comfortable. We provide counseling for hospice care and refrain from prescribing expensive, often ineffective chemotherapy or other drugs in the last 14 days of life.

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Offering members extensive services that complement care

To complement our comprehensive cancer care, we provide a range of critical services:

Easy access to care

You can be sure your members have convenient access to cancer care because we are the largest oncology community practice in the US. With 60+ practices in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida, we are an integral part of each community we serve, providing easy access to care.

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