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Getting Started

How we help you in every step
of your cancer care journey

How we help you in every step of your cancer care journey

We understand the challenges of being diagnosed with cancer. Since 2007, we have guided over a quarter million unique patients through every step of their care journey. Our healthcare providers deliver quality, compassionate, comprehensive care in our clean and modern clinic settings.

Find a Doctor

A team of world-class oncology and hematology specialists

The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation has some of the finest cancer and hematology specialists in the United States. They are experts in all forms of cancer and the various treatments—including cutting-edge options.

Before Your First Visit

The new patient forms to get you started

Like any healthcare facility, we will need certain information about you or your loved one. Rather than sitting in the lobby and filling out the paperwork, you can conveniently complete and submit the forms online.

Patient Portal

Your personal digital space

This is your personal digital space created specifically for you. It’s safe. It’s confidential. Once you create an account, get results of medical tests, access your records, and so much more.

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