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Radiation Therapy

At The Oncology Institute, we understand that no two forms of cancer are exactly alike. Our caring, board-certified oncologists specialize in creating customized cancer treatment plans that address your cancer type, stage, and specific care needs. We are on a mission to diagnose and treat many forms of cancer using advanced radiation therapy technologies.

Learn more about radiation therapy and how our cancer care specialists diagnose and treat cancer with personalized, world-class radiation care.

What Is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy — also known as radiotherapy — is a common and effective form of cancer treatment. With radiation cancer treatment, your oncologist administers high doses of high-energy radiation — including X-rays, gamma rays, and charged particles — to damage, shrink, and kill cancer cells and tumors by targeting their DNA. Once a cancer cell’s DNA has been damaged, it stops multiplying and dies. After the cancer cells die, the body can break them down and remove them. 

Radiation therapy can ease cancer symptoms, shrink tumors and address other problems caused by cancer. It is effective for breast, cervical, prostate, and many other types of cancer.

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Types of Radiation Therapy

There are two primary forms of radiation therapy:

  • External radiation therapy: A machine aims photon beams — like those used in X-rays — at the cancer cells or tumors. 
  • Internal radiation therapy: Radiation is administered into the body through a solid via a capsule or liquid using an intravenous (IV) line or an injection. 

Our Locations

Patients receive radiation therapy in our quiet, comfortably furnished radiation cancer treatment centers. Our friendly, multidisciplinary staff provides patient-centered care using state-of-the-art equipment and treatment technologies at the following locations:

  • Radiation Oncology Associates at 2440 E. South St. in Long Beach, CA 90805

Our Radiation Oncology Services

Our experienced oncologists at The Oncology Institute create customized cancer treatment plans, allowing us to deliver the most comprehensive, precise care while preserving the healthy cells surrounding the cancerous cells or tumor.

The type of radiation therapy we administer depends mainly upon the following factors:

  • The cancer type
  • The tumor’s size
  • The cancer cells or tumor’s location
  • Your medical history
  • Whether you require additional cancer treatment

Depending on the patient’s health and cancer type, radiation therapy can stand alone as the primary form of cancer treatment or supplement another treatment course, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or surgery. For example, some patients receive radiation therapy to shrink a tumor before it is surgically removed. We can also administer radiation therapy after surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells.

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Since 2007, our mission at The Oncology Institute has been to empower our patients with individualized, value-based cancer care. Our network of compassionate radiation oncology providers offers the information, education, and support you need to navigate cancer treatment confidently. 

Contact us to learn more about our radiation oncology services or request an appointment today.

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