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High-Value Cancer Care (HVCC) Program

No two forms of cancer are the same–cancer care is a complex, highly personal journey for every individual. At The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation (TOI), we use a quality care model to provide precise, patient-centric care and care management. We are committed to improving your cancer care experience and long-term health outcomes through comprehensive, personalized cancer treatment.

Our High-Value Cancer Care (HVCC) Program is specifically tailored for patients navigating advanced cancer. With an emphasis on care coordination, symptom management, individual coaching, and informed decision-making, we empower you to make the best care decisions for your circumstances.

The Core Benefits of Quality Cancer Care

Cancer imposes physical, mental, emotional, and financial challenges on patients and families. Quality cancer care involves evidence-based health services that enhance desired health outcomes and improve quality of life during treatment. Quality cancer care refers to how likely evidence-based health services are to improve your desired health outcomes and quality of life during treatment.

At The Oncology Institute, our commitment to quality cancer care guarantees that our patients:

  • Experience patient-centered, evidence-based treatment.
  • Can openly communicate their care needs and preferences with their provider.
  • Engage in shared, informed decision-making alongside family and oncology professionals
  • Access comprehensive care for cancer symptoms and treatment side effects.
  • Receive emotional, psychological, and social support throughout their treatment.
  • Receive palliative care during treatment and through the end of life.
  • Access post-treatment survivorship care.
  • Utilize health information systems that enhance the overall quality of care.

High-Value Cancer Care at The Oncology Institute

Our HVCC Program provides the information, education, support, and resources you need to battle cancer confidently. Some core benefits of this clinical trial include:

  • A dedicated health care coach: Our health care coaches help patients and their families navigate their cancer diagnosis and treatment. You will receive 24/7 access to health coaching services, ongoing symptom assessment, and clinical triages to reduce emergency department visits and hospitalizations, ultimately reducing care costs.
  • A mobile-based care platform: We want you to stay engaged and informed throughout your cancer treatment. Our mobile-based care platform — ANKR — allows you to explore treatment options, interact with providers, track and log symptoms, and coordinate care—all from the palm of your hand.
  • Advanced care planning: Adequate care planning can bring you and your loved ones comfort and peace of mind. Our providers assist in developing comprehensive health care plans for situations where communication may be challenging.
  • Mental health support: Your mental health is just as important as your physical health during cancer treatment. Our social workers conduct mental health screenings upon program enrollment regularly thereafter to provide ongoing support throughout your treatment.
  • Ongoing care coordination: Coordinating care can be time-consuming and overwhelming. At The Oncology Institute, our dedicated care coordination team organizes outpatient specialty visits, procedures, and ancillary and palliative services associated with your cancer care, allowing you to concentrate on your healing journey.
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Patient Outcomes for TOI's Patient-Centric Cancer Care

The Oncology Institute has developed a patient-focused care model that prioritizes the individual needs, desires, and preferences of each patient, shaping every decision throughout their cancer care journey. We’ve designed our HVCC Program to further reduce the financial strain of cancer treatment and improve our patients’ long-term health outcomes. One recent study found that our patients experienced:

  • 30% fewer inpatient admissions
  • 75% fewer ER admissions
  • > 25% lower care costs

We’re proud to report that these outcomes resulted in a perceived better quality of comprehensive cancer care and a 14% increase in overall patient satisfaction.

Request More Information About Our HVCC Clinical Trials

At The Oncology Institute, we intimately understand the struggles that patients with late-stage cancer face. You never have to navigate these challenges alone under our care. Our compassionate, multidisciplinary team of cancer care specialists consistently stands by you, advocating for your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being throughout the treatment journey. This unique focus on your overall health, coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment and treatment technologies, allows us to elevate your quality of life, enhance your quality of life, enhance health outcomes, and mitigate long-term care costs.

Contact us today to request additional information about our High-Value Cancer Care Program or speak with our clinical trial experts to learn more.

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