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Coping With Grief

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Throughout life’s many stages, grief manifests itself in different ways. It has no timeline and is not linear. For patients and their families facing a cancer diagnosis, grief can hit at any point and is sometimes unexpected. While a diagnosis may feel isolating and overwhelming, you don’t have to grieve alone.

Grief organizations and support groups are great resources that can provide a safe space to help cope. They offer an opportunity to connect with others who are facing similar circumstances. Sharing your experience with others allows for peace of mind, validation, and recovery.

Awareness about grief and its impact on mental and emotional health is so important. When we have the support we need to properly process these heavy sentiments, we can work towards a path to healing.

Everyone’s journey with grief is different. If you are experiencing long-lasting or intense grief that interferes with your daily activities, please seek professional counseling or talk to your primary care physician.

Below are a few organizations in our community that provide valuable resources to patients, caregivers, and families.



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