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The Oncology Institute Rebrands Clinical Trials Division

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Innovative Clinical Research Institute Will Become TOI Clinical Research

The Oncology Institute, Inc. (NASDAQ: TOI), one of the largest value-based community oncology groups in the United States, is rebranding its clinical research division. Previously, TOI’s clinical research division was named Innovative Clinical Research Institute (ICRI). The division’s new name is TOI Clinical Research.

TOI Clinical Research will carry on the important work ICRI has been conducting since its founding in 2011. TOI Clinical Research currently manages over 160 clinical trials across solid tumors and hematological malignancies. TOI Clinical Research will follow the same successful model that helped build ICRI into a leader in the field of cancer clinical trials, relying on a network of compassionate, experienced cancer care specialists dedicated to providing clinical trials as a treatment option.

“Our clinical trials program is part of what makes The Oncology Institute a leader in the value-based cancer care industry,” TOI Chief Medical Officer Dr. Yale Podnos said. “TOI Clinical Research continues the great work that our Innovative Clinical Research Institute started as one of the largest community-based clinical trials programs in the country, improving access to the latest treatments and increasing scientific knowledge in cancer therapy.”

As TOI Clinical Research grows in 2023, there will be a continued commitment to streamlined screening of TOI patients for eligibility for appropriate trials, expanding access at more sites across the country, and improving health equity by offering these treatments in underserved and diverse communities.

Our primary goal is to offer patients access to a variety of treatment options designed to support improvements in health outcomes,” said Cristina Green, TOI Vice President of Clinical Research. “Through our strategic partnerships with the biopharmaceutical industry and software providers, we are well positioned to offer the latest in both treatments and care delivery platforms.”

About TOI
Founded in 2007, TOI is advancing oncology by delivering highly specialized, value-based cancer care in the community setting. TOI offers cutting-edge, evidence-based cancer care to a population of approximately 1.7 million patients including clinical trials, transfusions, and other care delivery models traditionally associated with the most advanced care delivery organizations. With 90+ employed clinicians and more than 700 teammates in over 60 clinic locations and growing, TOI is changing oncology for the better.

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