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Meet Our C-Suite: Laura Szitar, Chief People Officer

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The third week of March is Healthcare HR Professional’s Week. This observance recognizes HR professionals in the healthcare field, as well as their important role in the continuum of patient care. 

We would like to acknowledge our incredible HR team that works hard “behind the scenes” to build our successful team and cultivate a culture of excellence at TOI.

To that end, we would like to highlight our Chief People Officer, Laura Szitar, who is head of HR at TOI. Her dedicated approach, positive attitude, and compassionate persona make her an exceptional leader. She is the embodiment of our core values, championing our teammate engagement and success. She truly brings the meaning of our core value “Better Together” full circle.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked Laura to share some of her thoughts about women in leadership:

“I believe that more women should pursue and be placed in leadership roles. Women strike a great balance within leadership teams as we naturally have a style of putting others first, displaying humility, and performing authoritative work with an empathetic approach. All characteristics of a great culture!

Obtaining a leadership role will not be a cakewalk. No one will pave the path for us or lay out a red carpet. We will need to seek relationships, mentors, and alliances to help us continually grow and develop. Never underestimate the power of relationships or curiosity! To be successful we first must know ourselves. We should identify and understand our strengths as well as our development opportunities. We should recognize that growth comes in all shapes and forms and that sometimes we may need to take a step back or laterally to gain an experience that will build our career…every move does not always need to be up.

Lastly, make sure you stay focused on your goals and why you want to lead, do not accept the status quo, and always believe in yourself and in your potential. Confidence and a clear vision will lead you to great outcomes!”

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