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Celebrate Black Excellence: Meet Lisa-Gaye Giscombe, M.D.

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Dr. Lisa-Gaye R. Giscombe is a Board-Certified Hematologist and Medical Oncologist based in South Florida.

Propelled to contribute to her community in a selfless and relentless manner, Dr. Giscombe’s foray into the field of medicine was guided by a vision of becoming not just a physician–but a caring and devoted advocate for her patients.

“When I hear the word PHYSICIAN, I think of a caring, devoted person who is a problem solver and a healer.”

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At The Oncology Institute, Dr. Giscombe thrives in a nurturing culture that fosters integration and togetherness. When questioned about the institute’s core values, she underscores the importance of “GENUINE EMPATHY,” crucial in the field of Oncology that demands emotional, physical, and mental support. In the challenging landscape of oncology, where patients grapple with both physical ailments and emotional turmoil, Dr. Giscombe’s unwavering commitment to
genuine empathy serves as a guiding light for both patients and colleagues. Her daily motivation
revolves around her patient philosophy:

“Treat every patient with compassion and integrity–as if they are your own family.”

Outside of practicing medicine, Dr. Giscombe finds solace in fiction novels, indulging her passion for reading during moments of respite. Despite a busy schedule, she nurtures her love for travel, regardless of her fear of flying–a testament to her resilience in confronting challenges head-on.

While Dr. Giscombe acknowledges that she has yet to fully unearth a unique talent, her profound impact in the field of oncology speaks volumes. Through her tireless dedication to patients and boundless compassion, Dr. Lisa-Gaye R. Giscombe emerges as a beacon of hope – a healer and problem solver whose presence illuminates the path towards healing and resilience for those in need.

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