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Meet Debra Richman, TOI’s Chief Development Officer

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Debra Richman has always had a passion for business and healthcare. As TOI’s Chief Development Officer, she gets to combine both of those passions into one role. 

“What we do at TOI is very relevant and has a direct impact on patients, providers and payors,” Debra said. “I get to combine my passion for business with the importance of insuring access to affordable quality healthcare in the work I do at TOI.”

Having gone to school for business, the bulk of Debra’s career has been concentrated in the business side of the healthcare industry. Through her experience, she has developed a great sense of industry trends and business opportunities.  

“I love being in an industry where the work we do is so important. I also like the size of our industry which is over $4 trillion in spending and growing—and the challenges that come along with the complexity of the public and private healthcare sectors.” 

Debra was first introduced to TOI while in her previous role as a Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal and was immediately impressed with the company’s leadership, business model and significant growth opportunities.  

“As the national leader in value-based oncology care, TOI has a very strong value proposition for our key stakeholders, customers, and payor partners.” 

Driving healthcare innovation and helping grow TOI’s business and market presence throughout the country are her favorite parts of the job. Debra is based in New York City and loves spending time with her daughter, who is in her first year of college. When she’s not working, Debra also likes to stay healthy and very active with yoga and working out. 

Female representation in the healthcare industry means a lot to Debra. While the industry has strong female representation, that representation has historically emerged from the clinical ranks of the industry, and previously less from the business side. This is changing and healthcare is an excellent industry for women to grow and excel in.  

“Representation of women is fundamentally important across the board in all industries. It matters. In healthcare, this is especially important. Women are the chief healthcare consumers, we are the decision-makers for ourselves and our families. We are an important voice that has a significant economic impact in healthcare.” 

For anyone looking to follow in her footsteps, Debra says that it begins with figuring out where your passions lie.  

“Healthcare is a great industry to be in, so find the role that you like to play in an organization that you believe in. Whether that role is in operations, business development, or finance, find an organization that believes in the same mission that you do—and work hard. If you do what you love, in an odd way it doesn’t feel like work, and you’ll be successful!” 

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