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Dr. Omkar Marathe Receives Outstanding Faculty Teacher of the Year

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The Oncology Institute is proud to announce that Dr. Omkar Marathe was recognized as the Outstanding Faculty Teacher of the Year from the St. Mary Internal Medicine Residency Program. Dr. Marathe has been a member of the St. Mary faculty for five years and previously received this award back in 2017. The Internal Medicine Residency Program is a three-year program for doctors who have completed medical school and are training for their specialty in internal medicine.

When asked what interested him in teaching Dr. Marathe had this to say, “Teaching others gives us the opportunity to contribute to the future physicians of the field and helps us teachers to stay on top of the field and solidify our own mastery.”

As a teacher, Dr. Marathe values the opportunity to fuel a passion for hematology and oncology among internal medicine residents. Whether it’s for broadening the knowledge of his students or inspiring them to pursue a career as a Hematologist or Medical Oncologist. For Dr. Marathe, this field may be challenging, but he believes there is no career more gratifying or fulfilling.

In addition to being an award-winning physician, Dr. Marathe’s most recent abstract was highlighted by ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology). You can read his abstract here.

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