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To Valued Our TOI Patients:

The COVID‐19 crisis has claimed the lives of close to 400,000 Americans. It has also sickened hundreds of thousands more, including many of our own patients, providers and staff. Social distancing measures and vaccination are our best tools in the fight against COVID. The FDA recently approved the Pfizer‐BioNTech and Moderna COVID‐19 vaccines, and tens of thousands of healthcare providers and high‐risk patients across the state have already been vaccinated‐‐including many TOI providers and staff.

We support the COVID‐19 vaccination recommendations from the CDC, our Department of Public Health organizations, and our local county health departments. Currently, our nation is prioritizing COVID‐19 vaccination for front‐line workers and seniors. We expect that over the coming months, the COVID‐19 vaccine will become available to all of our patients of all ages and risk levels. We encourage all of our patients to receive the vaccine for their own health & safety and for those around them.

Our clinics are not expected to become vaccination sites, and we are not expected to receive any doses. We recommend that you follow with your Primary Care Physician (PCP), your local hospital, and your county department of public health for vaccination‐related updates. If you had previously experienced an allergic reaction or an auto‐immune response to a vaccine in the past, or you have other
vaccine‐related concerns or questions, we recommend that you discuss with your PCP. If you are currently receiving treatment at our clinic (eg. “chemotherapy”), we generally recommend that you receive the COVID‐19 vaccine as soon as it becomes available to you; if you have questions you can discuss with your TOI provider.


Yale Podnos, MD
Chief Clinical Officer
The Oncology Institute


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