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Hi! My dad has been fighting non-hodgkin's lymphoma since 2009. He has been taking different kinds of chemotherapy. His cancer has been recurring. I, as the daughter, have been researching about new medications that may help my dad to keep going. I was able to read this article about the stem cell that is being done in Germany. We want to try it but due to lack of resources, we cannot afford even one session. I would like to know if you know any cancer groups or any foundations who may help us to get at least a discount or one free session for the stem cell treatment. I love my dad so much. If only I am rich, I will definitely help him on his medication unfortunately I'm not, I am just a regular employee with average salary. I hope I can get a feedback. Thank you so much!

December 12 at 4:52am

I am really worry since my niece at the age of 12 years old was diagnostic with cancer in her first rib and left lung it seems like the doctors cannot do anything about it or either are guessing which treatment will work for her. She had chemotherapy 2 times and the doctor's are telling my sister that the treatment isn't working. Also the doctor says that he needs to remove the tumors as soon as possible because she have 50% of survivor. Why now and not back them? She was able to eat more but now her health is slowly deteriorating again. I asked my sister to get a second opinion from another center since we only have just one opinion and that's the reason I am emailing you guys to see; What could be done? What's the first steps that need to be follow as a parent? Is a second doctor's opinion worth it? My niece does not wanted to die neither do I and I know there's someone in this world that can help us fighting against this condition. My niece life is in danger. She still strong for now and she still be able to transfer or move from the Children Hospital to another institution to be treated.

December 8 at 2:03pm

is there any way i can volunteer here to get more of an insight on it ?

September 13 at 7:13pm

Thank you Dr. Gaitanis for your care and attention during the coarse of treatment. All the best.

August 16 at 2:53am

geneascott i am sorry you feel so bad i know it is not easy and you must be scared . i feel and believe God does not give us nothing we cant handle. I will keep you in my prayers

July 24 at 6:03pm

Hello does anyone know how to look up profiles of others thank you

July 22 at 7:38pm

That's interesting. I am able to upload with no problem.

July 6 at 10:11pm

Roger Nordin
I like the site but I am not able to upload info or pic. Is the site active?

July 4 at 5:36pm

I'm scared, alone, frighten, I feel totally lost in a huge world, I don't feel safe inside of my body anymore, I have question whywhywhywhy me...

June 25 at 2:12am

Happy Monday to everyone!

June 20 at 9:27pm

Enough of the cold weather in June! Bring the sun back!

June 16 at 9:50pm

What a lovely day today! The weather is perfect...

June 15 at 8:22pm

Happy Tuesday to all! Have a blessed week!

June 14 at 9:30pm

Melanie, there is a lot of info on Chemotherapy under "cancer treatments" on the website! Hope it helps.

June 13 at 9:37pm

i hope some of you, will be give me some info about a chemotherapy treatment, and how will it give a hope for my father, thanks

May 25 at 8:01am

my father is was in early stages of lypmhoma, the doctor told her the one way can help her to fight cancer is a chemotherapy treatment but my father are afraid, and also he thinking bout the expenses

May 25 at 7:57am

Happy Tuesday everyone!

May 24 at 10:01pm

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Enjoy every minute.

May 20 at 9:42pm

Another great day!

May 19 at 10:13pm

Walked in the wind with clouds going by and it felt wonderful :)

May 18 at 2:28am

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