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The Oncology Institute Announces Opening of Austin’s Newest Innovative Cancer Clinics

TOI Expands To Austin

The company is making world-class, community-based cancer care more accessible to Texas residents

AUSTIN, Texas, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation (NASDAQ: TOI), one of the largest value-based oncology groups in the United States, is expanding its footprint into Austin, Texas with the opening of Central and Southwest Austin clinics. The first clinic opened to residents on May 31 and offers comprehensive medical oncology services designed to expand access to state-of-the-art oncology care for area patients. Both clinics will include private exam rooms, an infusion space and access to leading clinical trials, cutting-edge programs, and exceptional oncologists.

“Every patient facing a cancer diagnosis deserves access to cutting-edge care in their community,” said Brad Hively, TOI’s chief executive officer. “TOI offers a new cancer care option for Austin residents – one that focuses on outcomes, patient satisfaction, and avoiding the financial toxicity that often plagues cancer patients and their families.”

TOI’s unique approach to oncology care disrupts the $200B industry and delivers outstanding outcomes for patients, providers, and payors alike. As one of the most successful practices in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s (CMS) Oncology Care Model, TOI has proven its innovative treatment model, emphasizing outcomes and patient satisfaction, and incentivizing physicians to do what’s right for their patients.

“TOI is delivering on the promise of value-based care and will offer significant benefits to Austin area residents,” said Dr. M. Hassan Sabbagh, TOI Medical Director for Texas. “I’m extremely pleased to open our doors to this community and look forward to growing our team of providers committed to changing oncology for the better.”

About The Oncology Institute

Founded in 2007, The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation (TOI) is advancing oncology by delivering highly specialized, value-based cancer care in the community setting. TOI offers cutting-edge, evidence-based cancer care to a population of approximately 1.6 million patients including clinical trials, stem cell transplants, transfusions, and other care delivery models traditionally associated with the most advanced healthcare organizations. With 80+ employed clinicians and more than 700 teammates in more than 50 clinic locations and growing, TOI is changing oncology for the better. For more information visit www.theoncologyinstitute.com.

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