IV/PICC Line Holder


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IV/PICC Line Holder

The new IV/PICC line holder is a novel approach for management of the IV/PICC line tubing and accessories. This is accomplished by 3 unique features, each providing a valuable function for the problem of the redundant, dangling IV tubing. The first component is the band that goes around the ante-cubital fossa (elbow). In this manner, not only is there an additional means of securing the IV/PICC line, but a window located over the IV/PICC insertion site allows for visualization. Next a Velcro strap on the band attaches from one side of the band to the other with the coiled IV tubing secured beneath. Finally an adjoining flap of material pulls down and over the coiled tubing, strap and window. This serves to seal the underlying contents so that they will be free from anything that may result in accidental removal of the IV/PICC line and also keeps the contents protected from prying fingers.


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